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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Go, Judge Gammage!

Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against Chris Bell. Seems like a decent guy, though frankly the bar is set pretty low for for Governor of Texas these days. I never thought we'd have a governor that made George W. Bush seem like an intellectual giant, but Perry is it. Having said that, I have to go with Gammage for purely cynical, brutally realistic reasons: he can win, Bell can't. Already, the trial lawyers (the last source of campaign funding for Democrats) are drifting towards Strayhorn. She just got the endorsement of the TSTA. Judge Gammage has been around long enough that he knows where the money is, and without money, it doesn't matter who our nominee is. Here's something else to consider: this race is going to be BRUTAL. Perry will stop at nothing to cling to power; he clearly demonstrated that by playing lapdog to Tom DeLay over the abolition of democracy through redistricting. Running for city council and twice for Congress is not preparation for a truly vicious statewide race. Judge Gammage knows what it's like because he's been there. If Democrats really want to win this year, there's only one choice.

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