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Sunday, July 16, 2006

This Is Without A Doubt...

...the single dumbest load of crap I have ever seen excreted upon the printed page.

Here's my favorite part:

Some front-line units continue to operate out of spartan outposts where a hot meal is a luxury and flush toilets unknown. But growing numbers of troops live on giant installations complete with Wal-Mart-style post exchanges, movie theaters, swimming pools, gyms, fast-food eateries (Subway, Burger King, Cinnabon) and vast chow halls offering fresh-baked pies and multiple flavors of ice cream. Troops increasingly live in dorm-style quarters (called "chews," for "containerized housing units") complete with TVs, mini-refrigerators, air conditioning/heating units and other luxuries unimaginable to previous generations of GIs. No one would begrudge a few conveniences to those who have volunteered to defend us. But the military's logistics feats come with a high price tag that goes far beyond the $7.7 billion we spend every month on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. U.S. troops in those countries consume 882,000 liters of water and 2.4 million gallons of fuel every day, plus tons of other supplies that have to be transported across dangerous war zones. Centcom has more than 3,000 trucks delivering supplies and another 2,400 moving fuel — each one a target that has to be protected.

Did you catch this gem?

No one would begrudge a few conveniences to those who have volunteered to defend us.

Really? Gee, that's mighty white of you, pal. Say, here's an idea: since you're such the expert, what say we parachute drop you somewhere north of Tikrit armed only with a pair of nail clippers and a bottle of Perrier. Then you can show those lazy, over-indulged soldiers how REAL men handle things.



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