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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Well Said!

An excellent exchange from a Texas Democratic list serv. The topic was berating Chet Edwards for voting for the GOP's dog-and-pony-show Constitutional Amendment to outlaw marriage beween people they don't like:

The Post:
How can anyone even sugguest that it is ok to barter with someone'sfreedom, liberties and rights, for the purpose of keeping a seat inCongress? Where do we draw the line at bartering one's value's tostay in office? It is indeed a slippery slope. It it easier tobarter someone's freedom, than to take bribes? Is it more ethical?Shame. When did doing the right thing stop becoming what was important as aleader.

The Response:
Yankees. *shakes head*Ethics don't matter, we live in Texas, remember? God doesn't "hate fags," but Texas certainly does.Deep in the heart of Texas, there is a city called Waco, this is where the Klan lives. I know it is unfathomable for you city folk to figure out how these people think, but my whole family is from Waco, and I do understand. Chet is elected by Waco, not Austin, Houston, or Dallas. He knows his people and what will fly and what will not. That's why he's been re-elected eight times. I am gay, and I would sacrifice my "freedom, liberties, and rights" if it meant that my nephew could go to a decent public school and get healthcare. That's the choice. We can dwell on an issue that will guarantee successive failures, or we can put it on the back burner and put the interests of ALL Texans first.Why can't we put it on the back burner until the old farts die off? Why must we endure failure after failure when we could just wait a few years? Everything takes time (and the death of a generation). Whether you like it or not, Texas has ALWAYS been conservative and always will be. Why not focus on issues that win? Only then can we fix the Texas public education system, and from education will come some form of liberalism.So yes, it is perfectly okay with me that Chet is a adept politician who knows his people. I am perfectly willing to let this issue slide to ensure his re-election, keep the VA open, keep Fort Hood open, keep Tricare funding in line, fight to reduce the deficit, fight to protect Social Security, etc, etc, etc...Why don't you yankees come down from your ivory towers (Dallas, Houston, Austin), put down your starbucks, take off your birkenstocks, and realize that the State of Texas is nothing like you, and that to win here, you must give a little. And yes, winning is everything.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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