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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You Heard the Moose!

The Bull Moose makes an excellent point about the politics of polarization, which relates to my last column. And while we're at it, can anyone explain to me what's wrong with Joe Leiberman's record besides the the Iraq War? Compared to other Democratic Senators who are not facing angry "netroots" backed primary opponents? Can anyone explain to me the difference between Joe Leiberman's position on the Iraq War and Hillary Clinton's position on the Iraq War? I have no real dog in this fight, other than my fear that if Leiberman (who is five of the most boring people I have ever met) loses and runs as an independent, a safe Democratic seat could go Republican, thereby killing any chances to take back the Senate. However, I remain concerned about the rise of one-issue voters in the Democratic Party and my sneaking suspicion that many (maybe even most) of them would rather lose an election and remain ideologically pure than win one with a "tainted" candidate.

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