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Thursday, May 31, 2007

News Round-Up

  1. Anti-war Marine veteran attacked by Corps for...being an anti-war Marine veteran;
  2. God bless Alabama. I won't hold my breath waiting for Georgia to apologize for nvnadaulatsvyi;
  3. Fred Thompson shows his "outsider" cred by wooing one of Karl Rove's hack sidekicks. Oh, and Cong. Zack Wamp totally has a man-crush on him. Get a room!
  4. Dubya appoints a Flat Earth political hack to head up a scientific agency. Yes, try to contain your amazement;
  5. Lou Dobbs: still crazier'n a shithouse rat;
  6. US Attorney targeted by Rove for helping Indians too much. Also here. You just knew this would all get back to us eventually, right?
  7. Hugo Chavez: low-rent thug;
  8. Tom DeLay: now with 50% more delusions of grandeur!



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