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Monday, February 27, 2006

Not Holding My Breath

A conservative website claims that Dick Cheney will resign after the midterm elections. This seems ludicrous to me. First, Cheney would never leave unless the President asked him (and maybe not even then) and Bush is not going to ask him. If there is one thing Bush respects (and no, it's not the Constitution) it's loyalty. Second, it makes no sense politically. If Cheney resigns before November, it looks like desperation. If he resigns after November (especially if, as seems increasingly likely, the GOP does VERY badly), it looks like a sign of weakness. Third, the only reason for Cheney resigning would be to replace him with someone who would then be the Republican front-runner for 2008. But are there any Republican presidential hopefuls dumb enough to climb aboard the sinking ship of the Bush Presidency? Doubtful.



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