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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Once Again...

...the Right Wing proves that there is no governmental wrong so severe that they won't vociferously object to any effort to make up for it. A century of kidnapping Indian children and beating their language and culture out of them in government-funded church schools is one thing, but trying to teach today's children their own languages? The horror! Jim Boulet, Jr., Executive Director of English First, states At a time in life when children of Limited English Proficient parents need to hear the most English in order to develop fluency, H.R. 4766 seeks to ensure they will hear far less, evidently unappreciative of the ironic fact that the overwhelming majority of Indian parents with young children are not, in fact, of "Limited English Proficiency." If they were, and mostly spoke Cherokee or Navajo or whatever in the home, not only would this bill not be needed, most tribes would be turning cartwheels in the halls for joy! To the contrary, unfortunately, Indian children are growing up learning nothing but English while the language of their culture and heritage dies with each generation.

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