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Friday, October 06, 2006

Dr. James Dobson Thinks Pedophilia is a "Prank"

Well-know hypocrite and apostate Dr. James Dobson once again shows his credentials as a shameless hack for the Republic Party by attempting to slough off Mark Foley's sexual predation of young boys as merely a "prank" gone awry. Disgusting.

UPDATE: A lawyer representing one of the pages now says some of his client's IM's with Foley may have had the "element of a practical joke" about them. Not sure exactly what that's supposed to mean; even if the page was joking, Foley was not. There are plenty of guys in prison right now for arranging liasons with undercover officers they imagined were minors. Nor does this let Dobson off the hook; was Foley's drunken raid on the page dorm a "prank" too?

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