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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

All the Lonely People

A nice review of the proposed immigration reform bill from Dos Centavos. It's obviously a kludge, slapped together to keep a coalition together sufficient to get something passed. The guest worker program is, as mentioned before, a sop to corporate Republicans, a stream of new workers to hold down upward wage pressures but who can never become citizens lest they vote Democratic. All the "border security" mouthings are supposed to placate the Know-Nothings, who may scuttle the deal anyway. And, of course, the eventually citizenship portion (Amnesty, the love that dare not speak it's name) is to round up the liberals. Will it pass? Hard to say, but the chances seem slim. The person who stands the benefit the most, George W. Bush, who would like to go out with a legislative victory, has zero credibility with either party. The key is whether enough House Republicans will vote for it to make up for the Democrats who will vote against due to the guest worker provision.

P.S. Lou Dobbs is crazier'n a shithouse rat.



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