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Monday, December 10, 2007

News Round-Up

      1. Well, apparently we really are water-boarding, it really is torture, and it doesn't work. Oh, and the Democrats knew about it but wimped out;

      2. Oh, good GOD! Is there ANYTHING else horrible, malefic and evil that can come out about our corporate mercenary army in Iraq? Or have we at long last hit rock bottom?

      3. This seems highly unlikely to me, particularly in light of this;

      4. Republican corporate welfare is destroying public lands. And apparently, even Republicans (from Idaho, no less) are getting pissed about it. Yes, I was shocked, too;

      5. Mike Huckabee--like Dobson only with a charming avuncular veneer over the screaming paranoid crazy nougat center;

      6. CIA or CYA?

      7. Why do the troops hate the troops?

      8. State Rep. Phil King an early favorite for an Arlene Wohlgemuth Award (the coveted Arly). More on why King's idea is moronic;

      9. Blue Alaska?
      10. Iraq: militarily, doing a little better. Politically (the whole point of The Surge)? Not so much. And by "not so much" I mean "not at all."



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