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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Couple of Things

  1. The MSM regurgitates GOP talking points (in this case regarding reform of the FISA Court and reining in warrantless wiretapping) that are easily verifiably false. What a surprise, huh? Only this time, Congress pushes back. Hard. And the MSM (in this case Time) is pissed. Good.
  2. The DNI unexpectedly and against his previously-stated opposition, releases a public summary of the NIE. And it shows that, shockingly enough, the Bush Administration and the Serious Foreign Policy Experts were absolutely, positively dead-wrong about Iran's quest for nukes. Why would the DNI do this? Not (apparently) pressure from Congress. My guess is that either he is in the Condi Rice camp and trying desperately to avert a disastrous preemptive strike on Iran by the Cheney or he is trying to CYA in case the Cheney attacks Iran anyway. Or both. And Bush and Cheney have apparently, since they learned of the report a year ago, been subtly shifting their rhetoric to justify an attack with or without Iranian nukes. Oh, and the Right-Wing Blogosphere despairs.

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