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Sunday, February 03, 2008

News Round-Up

  1. (Some) Republicans like Obama because he isn't teh Hitlery. Who is satan;
  2. Or maybe they like him because he keeps using their talking points;
  3. But whatever the case, they REALLY hate Hillary. And the mysogyny flows like wine when they get going. But it's teh libruls who are fascists. No, really;
  4. John McCain was for his immigration bill before he was against it;
  5. The media is still lying about Bill Clinton. Yes, I was shocked, too;
  6. The Surge is working! = civilian deaths are down but we are nowhere near to achieving the stated goals of the surge, namely political reconciliation. Shut up, librul facist! Teh Surge is working!
  7. The First Superbowl, a heartwarming tale of history;
  8. Also, it's not really entirely clear how well the Surge is working. And McCain gets it wrong;
  9. Not a big surprise, but the US Military is stretched too thin to effectively deal with a serious attack here at home;
  10. Romney: not dead yet?



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