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Sunday, January 27, 2008

News Round-Up

  1. Back home in Texas, we call this irony;
  2. Obama's South Carolina victory, perhaps not surprisingly, comes from a dramatically large turnout of younger voters;
  3. Not sure I agree with all the thoughts in this article about a post-American Hegemony world, but the conclusions are...disturbing at best;
  4. Romney and McCain battle it out to prove who would prolong Dubya's bloody, fruitless quagmire the longest;
  5. The Five Stages of Republican Grief;
  6. Blue Gal shares my annoyance (though I think for slightly different reasons) over Senator Obama's Jiminy Cricket bipartisan naivete. One pictures him calmly discussing the "audacity of hope" as Republicans seek to impeach him for using White House funds to mail his Christmas cards. Also, btw Blue, no one will EVER use the words "bitter," "old" or "hobo" to describe you;
  7. Drum remains unimpressed. Also possibly grumpy;
  8. Shorter Dubya: "Constitution, shmonsitution"; and
  9. Meanwhile, the Huck just keeps on getting dumber every day.



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