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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Straight Talk Express?

McCain wins South Carolina (barely, against the dramatically underfunded Huckabee), but again his weakness with actual Republican primary voters (as opposed to crossover Independents) may hurt him in the contests ahead. What's worse (or better, if you are a Democrat) is the fact that the "Maverick" McCain seems to have completely drunk the koolaid on Reaganomics, repeating the old chestnuts that cutting taxes raises revenue, that "out-of-control spending" is the only real economic problem, and besides, there's nothing wrong with the economy anyway (or maybe there is, or maybe not. Anyway, I don't understand all this fancy *open finger quotes* economicals *close finger quotes*). Do Republicans really want another nominee who believes that ignorance is a virtue?

UPDATE: Good overview piece from WaPo on the first real GOP Contest (meaning one in a closed primary), Florida. I would argue, though, that Florida is not a "normal" Southern state, given that it is a bizarre mishmash of Northeastern colonists, good ol' fashioned rednecks, and of course Cubans (whose only real issue is which candidate hates Castro the most). Meanwhile, "Maverick" McCain is showing his true straight-shootin', outsider credentials in the South by canoodling with racists.

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