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Friday, March 28, 2008

I Voted for Hillary Clinton...

...but this reeks of duplicity and desperation. Given that there is no way to sucessfully challenge enough delegates to give the majority of the caucus votes to Clinton, what's the point? We already have the media jackals cackling over "Chaos in Texas"; why in hell would you give them (and the Republicans) more ammunition? I tend to hold with those who say the extended primary battle is ultimately good for the party, increasing turnout and excitement, but also I would add allowing the candidates to air out any potential dirty laundry early in the process, before McCain/Rove gets to it. If Obama is the nominee, when would you rather have the Jeremiah Wright story break? Now? Or August? But this kind of pointless shit-stirring by the Clinton camp is counterproductive; it doesn't help her, but more to the point, it doesn't help the Party.

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Blogger Eric said...

Maureen Dowd wrote an interesting op-ed about the Clintons' scorched-earth campaign against Obama, driven by their sense of entitlement to the presidency. She seemed close to the mark, IMHO. As far as I'm concerned, Hillary already HAD her 8 years in the White House and her party would do well to make a new start without the Clintons in the driver's seat.

3/28/2008 9:25 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Oh, and here's the link to that op-ed:

3/28/2008 9:36 PM  
Blogger The Local Crank said...

Politics is politics, but this tactic does NOTHING to advance her campaign. The only possible purpose is to generate media buzz about allegations of "dirty tactics" and "cheating" by the Obama camp. But there's no point to that, either, since it's too late to swing general public opinion; the ONLY way Hillary can win is by persuading the superdelegates and this kind of shit isn't likely to impress a bunch of party activists.

3/28/2008 9:54 PM  
Blogger dmarks said...

It's typical Hillary, not much different than anything else we've seen.

3/28/2008 11:00 PM  
Blogger muleboy303 said...

33 (long) years of up-close and personal Clinton watching, leads me to suspect that the “challenges” are but a simple strategy, that’s likely to work, to delay the caucus/delegate tally long enough into tonight for there to be no “Obama Wins Texas” headlines in the Sunday papers.

and YES, they do think in that much detail (when it comes to campaigning, governing is another matter)

"what is WINNING?" asks the innocent
for the curious mind inquires
"different things" responds the aged one
"depending upon to what one aspires"
a sprinter in a marathon's
the one who quickly tires
scorching the earth in attrition
is easy, if that's all one desires
but a rising tide not only lifts all boats
it may also drown all fires

3/29/2008 12:43 PM  
Blogger dmarks said...

A rising tide destroyed Atlantis, too.

Mule: Or the delaying tactic is so the "hate, destroy, lie, and bend/break rules and laws" Hillary Clinton campaign can dig up enough dirt on Obama that they hope can actualy stick this time. Based on Hillary still attacking Obama for what he said in kindergarten, I don't think that Hillary digging into landfills looking for Obama's baby-diapers is too far fetched.

There's also a good chance that by keeping digging in the trash, the Clinton campaign might end up buried in it.

3/29/2008 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smearing both Clintons as racists and bringing up every fake right wing talking point since Vince Foster isn't scorched earth.


Nor was calling Hillary a whore.

Check, got it.

(Since Clinton is apparently responsible for everything any supporter says, sauce for the goose. And all.)

4/03/2008 1:58 PM  
Blogger The Local Crank said...

I frankly don't think EITHER of them have engaged in "scorched earth" politics; not even close. I mean, I lived through the 1990 Texas primary for governor, so I know what "scorched earth" looks like. If the Obama folks think what Clinton has dished out is rough, they are in for a RUDE surprise from the GOP in the fall. For me, Clinton's main selling point is that she comes "pre-smeared"; the RW Howler Monkey Media Chorus has already accused her of everything short of eating babies and she's made it through in one piece. Nothing left for them to accuse her of.

4/03/2008 2:02 PM  

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