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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Racism Fatigue

Outstanding post from Racialicious, which not coincidentally follows my line of thinking.

The money quote:

'Some people, though, are still not only not getting it, but insisting that those of us who do get it are hypersensitive, overreacting, “looking for racism everywhere,” etc.–the usual, in other words. For the most part, I can just roll my eyes at that, because it’s all so familiar. Anything short of someone saying on national TV, “If you see a black man, you should shoot him in the face, and let me be perfectly clear that I mean you should shoot him in the face because he is black,” might not be racism after all, because some white people can’t see it. And if not all white people can see it, then the benefit of the doubt should automatically go to whomever made the racist statement/took the racist action/produced the racist image, not to the people identifying it as racist–because there is NOTHING WORSE IN THE WORLD than being a white person unfairly accused of racism! You lucky people of color have NO IDEA how horrible that is!'

H/T to Rob at Newspaper Rock



Blogger Eric said...

Separate but similar subject: last night I finished watching the magnificent "John Adams" HBO mini-series. In one of the scenes that cut to Monticello, Sally Hemmings was depicted as black, but my recollection from various written accounts is that she was so fair-skinned that she frequently passed as white. If so, I suppose we can dismiss the error as either sloppy research on HBO's part or perhaps a conscious decision that most viewers would be too confused to see her depicted as white. My guess is the latter, which is a little depressing when you think about it.

4/22/2008 7:08 AM  

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