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Friday, February 10, 2006

Chet Edwards vs. The Environment

An alert reader passed this link along and I have to say I'm very disappointed in our Congressman. Long-time readers know that I have been a Chet Edwards fan for years, going back to his days in the State Senate, and I have frequently defended him against some of our more liberal brethren and sistren who can't seem to understand that their only real choices in this congressional district are Chet (who supports them 85% of the time) or someone like Arlene Wohlgemuth (who opposes them 100% of the time). Having said that, it's still sad to see Chet throw in his lot with such a rabid anti-environment blowhard as Richard Pombo of California in his efforts to castrate the Endangered Species Act. Whether you're an environmentalist or a hunter (or both, like me), call Chet at 866-776-6100 (toll-free in CD17) and tell him he has your support, but he needs to clean up his act on the Environment. Preserving the wilderness for our children IS a family value!

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