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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stupid White Man of the Week: Frank D. Hargrove, Sr.

This Republican Delegate to the Virginia State Assembly hit a rare hat-trick of racist stupidity during a debate over a proposed resolution apologizing for slavery in the Old Dominion. First, he told black citizens they should "get over it," asking "Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?" Then, when a Jewish delegate took offense at a repeat of this old discredited blood libel, Hargrove told him, "I didn't even know you were Jewish...I think your skin was a little too thin." And as the kicker, in further arguing against any apology for slavery, Hargrove added, "It would be far more appropriate in my view to apologize to the Upper Mattaponi and the Pamunkey [Indians for the loss of their lands in eastern Virginia]."
Hey, man, leave us out of this.



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