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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Wheel Falling Off the Cart?

Hot on the heels of reports that Christian Reconstructionists are considering bolting the GOP comes this Wall Street Journal article that indicates Republicans are losing even the support of the business community. Is the party of Lincoln really getting down to just the tin-foil hat crowd? I'm not convinced that tele-Pharisees would really form a Third Party, but truthfully all they have to do is advise their flocks to stay home, or at least refrain from the kind of fervent electoral evangelization they performed in 2004, to fatally wound any GOP nominee in '08. If business is turning lukewarm on the Republicans, that of course doesn't mean they are embracing Democrats, but again, all they need to do is be a little stingier with their wallets to make a big difference, particularly if the Democratic nominee is seen to be at-least partially "business friendly" (i.e., in favor of "Free" Trade; i.e., Hillary Clinton).

UPDATE: Preening narcissist James Dobson emphasizes again that he is more than willing to drag the GOP down to electoral oblivion.

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