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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Defining Obama

Some excellent articles on how voters don't know Obama that well (thereby making the election solely about his competence) and the serious danger that McCain will indelibly mark him as a Michael Dukakis/John Kerry elitist early on, with the added bonus of playing into racially-loaded code-memes for "uppity negro." I agree that Obama needs to go on the offensive, and the sooner the better, especially in linking McCain (who still has a residual public image as a "maverick") with the Bush Administration train wreck. He should resist urges to make him look more like a "regular guy." Obama trying to bowl looked exactly like Hillary downing shots: contrived and insincere. Obama is smart; he shouldn't play dumb. The voters can smell a phony coming from a long ways off.

UPDATE: Speaking of "racially-loaded code-memes," Ezra Klein has a great piece on white privilege and white resentment.

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Blogger dmarks said...

He is already on the offensive. Agaisnt himself? I just saw a negative campaign ad by Obama attacking McCain for oil company ties.

The ad also mentions positively Obama's idea to increase oil taxes.... an increase that would show up at the pump because it will be passed on to consumers. Pretty stupid to make higher gas prices a promise, and to put this promise in a campaign ad.

8/08/2008 8:38 AM  

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