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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Supporting the Troops?

Soldiers recuperating at Walter Reed are apparently being punished for "causing trouble" and are being ordered to avoid the media. A similar press crackdown is underway at other bases and facilities. Reprehensible. Idiocy like this makes me sick to my stomach. Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, the former commander at Walter Reed who knew about this problem IN 2003 should be immediately brought up on charges of dereliction of duty. And Jim Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, should be fired on the spot, especially after his smarmy, unctuous, ass-covering appearance on "Good Morning America."
But that won't happen. Nothing will happen, because this Administration has the average two-year-old's understanding of responsibility and consequences. At best, the Bush White House has shown criminally negligent ineptitude in caring for the soldiers it claims to support; at worst, it has demonstrated unvarnished contempt for those wounded in this catastrophic trainwreck of a war. Nothing will happen; Dubya will never face justice. He will not be impeached. He will leave office, make tons of money pimping for assorted corporattions, and operate his Library/Fascist Twit Think Tank squatting at the edge of the SMU campus. Since there will be no justice done (in this world, at least), all we can do is pray that January 20, 2009, gets here as fast as possible and that Dubya manages not to completely destroy the country in the meantime.

UPDATE: Soooo...they fire the commander at Walter Reed (a good start) and replace him with...General Kiley? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What, was Nurse Ratched not available?

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